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Fir, Balsam

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  1. Fir, Balsam Sample (20-30 drops) 320-3
  2. Fir, Balsam 1/4 oz 320-6
  3. Fir, Balsam 1/2 oz 320-7
  4. Fir, Balsam 1 oz 320-8
  5. Fir, Balsam 2 oz 320-9
  6. Fir, Balsam 4 oz 320-10
  7. Fir, Balsam 8 oz 320-11
  8. Fir, Balsam 16 oz 320-12
  9. Fir, Balsam 1 kg 320-25

Customer Reviews for Fir, Balsam

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Balsam Fir Steam distilled Review by B
Smells very nice, reminiscent of a christmas tree but does lack the very slight cooling feeling reminiscent of a very mild camphor (think rubbing fresh needles under your nose) that i was looking for. Perhaps the absolute is what i am looking for, will try it next time. (Posted on 12/21/13)
More than met my expectations Review by Healing Lotus
When I was ordering I really had no intention of picking this oil. Tiffany suggested I try a sample. I really didn't expect much as I have a Balsam Fir that I enjoy very much. When I opened the sample I could not believe my senses! I felt like I was standing in the middle of a forest of fir trees. There was obviously no comparison to the other balsam Fir I have. I use this oil with copaiba and frankincense for a pain reliever that beats all. I cannot wait to try it with your oil. What a truly beautiful oil! (Posted on 3/15/13)
Delightful, Gorgeous Fragrance for Perfumery Review by Tess
I purchased this product expecting a thick, resinous material that I would have to heat before each use, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is completely fluid, almost watery, and works well with a dropper. The fragrance is a sparkling evergreen heart note, which energizes with every whiff (when I couldn't find my perfume strips yesterday, I carried the bottle around with me for a large part of the day and took an occasional whiff from it every now and then for a quick pick-me-up). Would work great in a diffuser, or mixed in a citrus/evergreen energy blend.
Would work well in place of regular Fir Needle assuming it carries the same warming properties, as well as musclular pain relief caused by rheumatic/arthritic conditions (Note: it is likely that this oil carries EXACTLY the same qualities as "regular" Fir Needle, as it is distilled from the same part of the fir tree using the same method of extraction). Is perfect in diffusing for many respiratory and chest conditions. It is supposedly antiseptic and antibacterial.
I like this oil for its invigorating and energizing qualities and its ability to ease depressive and stress/anxiety-related conditions, as well as of course for its super gorgeous smell, which isn't too much like manufactured holiday trees as like a forest of evergreens in the winter.
I like to think this scent brings alive the Canadian blood in me.
Thank you, EB! This is a favorite! (Posted on 10/25/12)

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