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Cassie Absolute

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  1. Cassie Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 170-2
  2. Cassie Absolute 1/16 oz 170-4
  3. Cassie Absolute 1/8 oz 170-5
  4. Cassie Absolute 1/4 oz 170-6
  5. Cassie Absolute 1/2 oz 170-7
  6. Cassie Absolute 1 oz 170-8
  7. Cassie Absolute 2 oz 170-9
  8. Cassie Absolute 4 oz 170-10

Customer Reviews for Cassie Absolute

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Dry, green, powdery floral Review by BShea
This cassie absolute is a deep golden color and pourable. The odor is a dry, green, powdery floral with an animalic, leather like undertone and hints of soft wood. This is actually a base note, so it is wonderful to add a floral quality to base notes of perfumes. (Posted on 7/3/13)
Great quality and easy to use... Review by Kyara
A fantastic fixative, Cassie Absolute adds a powdery sweetness to any blend. Unlike other Cassie Absolutes I have, this one is pourable and is easy to use. A tiny bit goes a long way! (Posted on 2/14/13)

2 Item(s)

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