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Carnation Organic Extract

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  1. Carnation Organic Extract Tiny Sample (6 drops) 160-2
  2. Carnation Organic Extract 1/16 oz 160-4
  3. Carnation Organic Extract 1/8 oz 160-5
  4. Carnation Organic Extract 1/4 oz 160-6
  5. Carnation Organic Extract 1/2 oz 160-7
  6. Carnation Organic Extract 1 oz 160-8

Customer Reviews for Carnation Organic Extract

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Carnation Delight Review by Annette
Since this oil isn't the cheapest one I was wondering whether it would be worth the additional bucks to the absolute.
The answer is: yes, yes and yes!
Compared to the absolute the Eugenol content is remarkably lower (also good for the Europeans who must watch their Eugenol value to pass the IFRA) but it smells very much of the live flowers. It has a very enriched honey aspect that makes it very luscious and the lasting power and odour intensity are really amazing.
For a more spicy result it is great to combine with the Carnation absolute that is wonderful too. Carnation Heaven! (Posted on 3/27/13)
I love carnation! Review by Elisa
Wow! This is exactly what real carnation smells like. I have smelled the synthetic versions in various perfume oils & i'm telling you this is such a difference. This really is the good stuff. I love carnation. I am so glad that this is available in sample form. I definitely am going to purchase this in a larger amount. A little goes a long way. It has great staying power. (Posted on 2/15/13)

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