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Cardamom CO2

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  1. Cardamom CO2 Sample (20-30 drops) 145-3
  2. Cardamom CO2 1/4 oz 145-6
  3. Cardamom CO2 1/2 oz 145-7
  4. Cardamom CO2 1 oz 145-8
  5. Cardamom CO2 2 oz 145-9
  6. Cardamom CO2 4 oz 145-10
  7. Cardamom CO2 8 oz 145-11
  8. Cardamom CO2 16 oz 145-12
  9. Cardamom CO2 1 kg 145-25

Customer Reviews for Cardamom CO2

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Kitchen Bliss Review by Stephen
I have loved cardamom as a spice for decades. I used cardamom in my apple pies and candied yams. For a fantastic aroma, Cardamom CO2 really brings the memories of grandma, helping mom during Holidays, and warm kitchen days in winter to mind. From what I have read of others' reviews, it's important to remember to let the oil or extract "breathe" before making any decision on how you enjoy the aroma. I used a test strip; dropped a bit of Cardamom CO2 on it and left it alone for a couple of hours. The scent was so warm, soft, and calming that I was transported to those days of my youth in the kitchen with mom/grandma. Good Stuff, Maynard!
Thanks, Eden Botanicals. (Posted on 9/3/14)
Wonderful in Coffee Review by Scully
I add just a drop or two to my coffee. It's a great twist for something "a little different" after dinner. Mmmmm..... (Posted on 4/30/13)
Energizing, enlivening Review by Dave
The Cardamom CO2 is a must in massage mixtures and muscle rubs. It packs a sharp bite that is completely energizing and enlivening. Also, lovely to mix with cinnamon and nutmeg, and spray around the kitchen. One of my personal favorites. Thank you, Eden! (Posted on 3/5/13)
Fresh & spicy Review by Delicious
I'm beginning to blend oils for scent, rather than just using them in creams and salves for skin healing qualities, and needed an EO with some spice, but not too sweet. I've always loved taking a whiff of freshly ground cardamon - so uplifting both physically and emotionally. I was very pleased when this EO arrived and I twisted off the cap and took a deep breath. It's just what I was hoping it would be.
(Posted on 2/18/13)

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