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Beeswax Absolute

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  1. Beeswax Absolute Tiny Sample (6 drops) 115-2
  2. Beeswax Absolute 1/16 oz 115-4
  3. Beeswax Absolute 1/8 oz 115-5
  4. Beeswax Absolute 1/4 oz 115-6
  5. Beeswax Absolute 1/2 oz 115-7
  6. Beeswax Absolute 1 oz 115-8
  7. Beeswax Absolute 2 oz 115-9
  8. Beeswax Absolute 4 oz 115-10

Customer Reviews for Beeswax Absolute

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Delightful Beeswax Review by COREY
I have sampled this beeswax absolute and was quite pleased. The aroma is sweet, floral, earthy honeyed bouquet of smells. I cant stop sniffing my arm. My dog Mumba also likes the smell... he tries to lick it off. (Posted on 9/19/14)
Dark and warm Review by M.
A surprisingly strong scent right off the bat, it is warm and dark, and somewhat animalic, yet comfortable. Beeswax and dark honey, but not too sweet. Reminds me of dried apricots, and hints of old leather. Not super long lasting, mid to top-mid. (Posted on 7/7/14)
Floral Depth Review by Amber
The absolute isn't overly sweet. It seems to have a strong floral note with warmth and depth to the aroma. Perhaps comparable to the bouquet from a farmer's raw specialty honey. This absolute has a wonderful scent with staying power and I'm using it as a single-note scent in a body product. I'm new to natural perfumery and I find this absolute easy to work with - hooray! (Posted on 4/30/13)
what a find Review by Phoebe
The fragrance of beeswax has always been a favorite of mine - I never thought I could find it in a bottle though - and here it is! It takes a minute for it to open up and 'relax' on your skin, so at first it's a tiny bit sour, but don't worry, it opens into a splendid, soft honey, beeswax fragrance. What a discovery! I love it. (Posted on 2/16/13)
Heavenly! Review by Tina
As with everything else I purchase from Eden, this is the best beeswax absolute I've experienced. Very deep, rich, and with a faint honey sweetness underneath, I also detect a faint floral note. Earthy, but not in a "loamy" sort of way. This is somewhat similar to hay absolute. I am never without this absolute in my perfumery creation arsenal. (Posted on 7/28/12)

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