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Amber Rose

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  1. Amber Rose Sample (20-30 drops) 1065-3
  2. Amber Rose 8.5 ml Perfume Bottle 1065-32
  3. Amber Rose 1 oz 1065-8
  4. Amber Rose 2 oz 1065-9
  5. Amber Rose 4 oz 1065-10
  6. Amber Rose 8 oz 1065-11
  7. Amber Rose 16 oz 1065-12
  8. Amber Rose 32 oz 1065-13

Customer Reviews for Amber Rose

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Excellent blend Review by OilLover
The description shows a combination of all my favorite oils and it did not disappoint. I can definitely pick out the rose, cardamom and the sandalwood. It feels very calming and grounding. However, it does not last long on my skin and I have to reapply again in the afternoon. But then this is a common issue with natural fragrances. I will definitely buy again.
(Posted on 9/19/14)
Great scent! Review by Jill
I love a good rose scent, but wanted something a little heavier included as a base note to add staying power. I was wary of trying amber, simply because I had no idea what it would actually be like. I really enjoy frankincense and other oleoresins, so I figured this would have to be really warm as well. Once I used this oil, it immediately became a staple. The amber is subtle, and almost reminds me of a buttery caramel smell (without being foodlike). I feel happy and pretty when I smell it. My boyfriend also liked it best from all the trial size oils in the sampler pack. Amber Pure and Simple was a close second, but only because I absolutely love this blend of oil and amber. (Posted on 2/19/13)
Lovely Aroma, True to Its Name Review by Tess
This is my first blend purchase from Eden Botanicals, which I was pleased to find is made up entirely of "Pure & Natural" ingredients, most of which (88%) are organic. Reading down the list of what goes into the blend, I expected something quite dense and base note-heavy; however, my first experience of this oil is one entirely of rose and fossilized amber notes, with a strong touch of jojoba in both essence and especially feel. It absorbs well into the skin, with no need for further dilution as this has already been done.
Going back to my expectation verses my experience for just one minute, the latter found the oil to be much lighter and less lasting in the nasal passages (only a flighty few seconds), although on a perfumer's strip it should stick around for some time (I haven't tested this just yet).
I'm excited to have this new oil in my collection, and will be trying many of EB's other natural blends in the near future. (Posted on 11/10/12)

3 Item(s)

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