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Amber Essence Oil

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  1. Amber Essence Oil Sample (20-30 drops) 1060-3
  2. Amber Essence Oil 8.5 ml Perfume Bottle 1060-32
  3. Amber Essence Oil 1 oz 1060-8
  4. Amber Essence Oil 2 oz 1060-9
  5. Amber Essence Oil 4 oz 1060-10
  6. Amber Essence Oil 8 oz 1060-11
  7. Amber Essence Oil 16 oz 1060-12
  8. Amber Essence Oil 32 oz 1060-13

Customer Reviews for Amber Essence Oil

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Amber Essence Oil Review by joy
I image Heaven would smell like this oil! I have used it for about 20 years and it is so wonderful. (Posted on 3/9/14)
Liquid Royalty Review by delilah7777
This oil is phenomenal, and has really been refined over the years from it's original recipe. It really must be smelled to be fully experienced, but there is a very balanced clear woodyness to this heavenly blend. I get liquid amber overtones, with Rose, Frankincense, so much more. A truly sacred royal oil, so much so that the royal name doesn't need to be a part of this oil's name, it's all in the scent! :) (Posted on 4/25/13)
I loved the prior formula of Amber which was discontinued about a year ago. I was devastated and then sampled a beautiful assortment of amber combinations. I found the Amber blend which had the mystical essential oils I love such as Myrrh, Frankincense and Spikenard, perfectly blended with ancient Amber resins. This blended oil is my favorite. (Posted on 3/5/13)
My very favorite Review by Jean
I have been using the Amber Essence Oil since I lived in Oregon back in 1989. I just love the fragrance on me. So many people will say how they like it too. Moved to San Francisco in 1990 and was unable to find it anywhere so when I came to Oregon I would stock up on it at my usual place and then they no longer carried it. Finally found a shop in San Francisco that carried it. Then they went out of business. So found Edan Botanicials online and the rest is history as I continue to purchase my favorite Essence all the time. (Posted on 3/1/13)
A Mysterious Blend! Review by Mich
I purchased a sample, after I had read that Eden's old Amber Royale was to be discontinued. I was very sad to hear it as I always added a drop of it to vetiver to add a bright note.
I'm very glad I sent for a sample as it works perfectly as a replacement, although of a slightly different character. Agarwood and Frankincense are in the fore, but deftly blended with some other mysterious and exotic notes.
I do not know if this is meant to get better with age, but it adds just the right amount of brightness to the earthy depth of patchouli or vetiver.
Excellent alone as well! (Posted on 12/28/12)

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