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Jasmine Organic Extract


  • Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum
  • Origin: Egypt
  • Process: Organic Extract, Benign Solvent Extraction (No Hexane)
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Cultivation: Cultivated, Certified Organic (NOP)
  • Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery
  • Note: Middle / Base Note
  • Aroma: The most true-to-nature Jasmine aroma; exquisite, extremely rich, voluptuous floral, with very sweet fruity peach-like headnotes; softer and much greener than absolutes of Jasmine.
  • Contraindications: Dilute prior to use.
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS

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  5. Jasmine Organic Extract 1/2 oz 460-7
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Egyptian Jasmine Organic Extract

Our Organic Jasmine Extract is softer and gentler than absolutes of Jasmine and is extracted using benign solvents (no hexane or similar petrochemical solvents used) which render the final extract Certified Organic (NOP) and Kosher Certified. This oil is completely mobile, light green/brown in color, and has an exquisite aroma. Being certified organic, it can be used in aromatherapy applications as well as high-end natural and organic perfumery.

Finally, a certified organic Jasmine that can be used for aromatherapeutic purposes! In very minute amounts, it is an excellent addition in skincare formulations, especially for preparations geared toward sensitive, dry, or mature skin. It can be employed to assist in alleviating prostate problems and to help reduce menstrual cramps. Organic Jasmine is valued during childbirth as it supposedly strengthens contractions and at the same time helps with alleviating pain (The Directory of Essential Oils, by Wanda Sellar). Reportedly it is superb for balancing hormones and effective for post-natal depression. Jasmine used in a massage oil is said to be calming, uplifting, emotionally warming and deeply penetrating, according to Patricia Davis (in Aromatherapy: An A-Z); it is also highly regarded for its influence over sexual problems such as impotence and frigidity.

Jasmine is an oil that brings a lightness and happy feeling to those who use it. Perhaps because it is a known aphrodisiac and helps to dispel fear, guilt, and emotional blocks, Patricia Davis notes in her book Subtle Aromatherapy that Jasmine is the most important oil for those who want to spiritualize the intimate aspect of their relationships. “With Jasmine, we are helped to understand that there is no division between physical and divine love.”

Aromatic Profile: The most true-to-nature Jasmine aroma; exquisite, extremely rich, voluptuous floral, with very sweet fruity peach-like headnotes; softer and much greener than absolutes of Jasmine.

Appearance: Light green to light brown liquid with a molasses-like consistency that may require special use instructions to blend.

Use: Natural perfumery.

Blending Suggestions: This extract is soluble in fixed oils only. It is not soluble in alcohol or alcohol based perfumes.

Blends Well With: Ambrette Seed, Amyris, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cassie, Cedarwood, Chamomile (Roman), Clary Sage, Coriander, Frankincense, Galbanum, Geranium, Grapefruit, Helichrysum, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mandarin, Melissa, Neroli, Orange, Orange Blossom, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Vetiver, Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang. Jasmine “has the ability to round off any rough notes and blends with virtually everything.” (Julia Lawless, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils.)

Safety Considerations: Not to be used during pregnancy; can induce contractions. Dilute prior to using. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.

Jasmine - Jasminum grandiflorum

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  • Jasmine - Jasminum grandiflorum

Customer Reviews for Jasmine Organic Extract

Light and delicate Review by Morgane
As the description says, it is indeed lighter and fresher than the classic absolutes. Just lovely, and a close 2nd after the CO2 extract for me. (Posted on 6/20/14)
more true to my summer jasmine than any absolute Review by stella
I intend to buy this marvelous extract. In my opinion it smells like the warm night breeze through the jasmine that surrounds an old stony mansion in our seaside promenade. It's greener, softer and not as sweet as the grandiflorum from India that's lovely on it's own merit. I also feel a more pronounced indolic heart. Exquisite. (Posted on 4/8/13)
Love with the first breath Review by IRINA
Love with the first breath.. Very grateful to Eden-for the opportunity to purchase this product for safe use in the home cosmetics!

Любовь с первого вдоха.. Очень благодарна Eden Botanicals за возможность приобрести этот продукт для безопасного использования в домашней косметике! (Posted on 2/14/13)