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Petitgrain, Mandarin


  • Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata
  • Origin: Corsica
  • Process: Steam Distilled Essential Oil
  • Plant Part: Leaves / Flowers
  • Cultivation: Cultivated
  • Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery
  • Note: Middle Note
  • Aroma: Intensely sweet, rich, tangy, fresh and green aroma
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  1. Petitgrain, Mandarin Sample (20-30 drops) 807-3
  2. Petitgrain, Mandarin 1/4 oz 807-6
  3. Petitgrain, Mandarin 1/2 oz 807-7
  4. Petitgrain, Mandarin 1 oz 807-8
  5. Petitgrain, Mandarin 2 oz 807-9
  6. Petitgrain, Mandarin 4 oz 807-10
  7. Petitgrain, Mandarin 8 oz 807-11
  8. Petitgrain, Mandarin 16 oz 807-12
  9. Petitgrain, Mandarin 1 kg 807-25



Petitgrain, Mandarin

With over 50% calming and soothing Esters, Mandarin Petitgrain is one of the most effective oils for insomnia, anxiety and stress. This rich, tangy, fresh and green oil is also a delightful note in perfumes.

Petitgrain - Citrus reticulata

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  • Petitgrain - Citrus reticulata

Customer Reviews for Petitgrain, Mandarin

Delicious! Review by BShea
WOW, WOW! I love this one! It has the same diffusiveness and vibrancy of the Lime Leaf, but a completely different odor. I got it because it was described as smelling plum or grape-like. It starts out like a typical petitgrain, with the fresh, dry, leafy green odor, but it as it dries down it gets a lot sweeter, and floral and fruity. I totally got the plum/grape thing(like grape candy actually) but it also really reminded me of neroli or orange blossoms, actually the orange blossoms on the tree. I think this smells more like orange blossoms than orange blossom abs! This could be used along with/or instead of neroli and orange blossom. And the more I smelled it and thought about it I came to this conclusion; Grape, Plum, Orange Blossom; Green notes=Methyl Anthralinate! I don't know if anyone here has ever smelled that isolate; it basically smells like a combination of Concord Grape/Grape candy, and Orange Blossoms with a hint
of greeny,minty odor. It occurs naturally in many plants but I heard that the isolate that I got is in actuality synthetic :(, so I wonder if Methyl Antralinate is a constituent of Petitgrain Mandarin? This lasts a rather long time on a strip; about two days. (Posted on 2/14/13)